Rat Care

Over the next few days i will share with you everything you need to know to be able to keep rats and how to make them happy with cages and foods etc.
I suggest if you have never ever had a rat to read and study as they can be the sweetest licky pets but can be costly if vet care is needed.You may also read on american websites that rats live until they are 7 years old this is a complete lie fancy rats do not live this long at all .Fancy rats live from 18 months to 3 years .I have known some very lucky rat breeders or rescues have 1 or 2 maybe live just to 4 years of age.But this is very lucky if you do get to have a rat live that long. Rats are not hard to look after but do need Enrichment and off course friends to.It is not advisable for you to have one rat this is not fair on the rat as they are very sociable pets and require other rat companionship. As they will play and groom each other they also love to cuddle up to each other especially on them chiller nights .

If you are still only gonna buy 1 may i suggest a rat is not for you.I always try and keep my groups of 3 or more ATM i think the largest group is girls who now are at 9 and a group of 5 boys.