About Us

A little bit more about me and the rattery
Velvet whiskers is ran mainly by myself Joanne but my Husband also plays a great part in the rattery here.I have always had animals in my life since i was about 5.
I remember the dogs and my guinea pigs misty and cherry who actually turned out to be a boy and girl so that was my first dealing with Accidental litter.
My first rats where Sputnik and baldwin two Double rex from a adoption centre.I was attacked in 2011 and my hubby thought i should get a pet to help me where he couldnt.So within two weeks we rescued the other 3 brothers to Baldwin and Sputnik
I have been breeding rats since 2012 when i got my first foundation rats of a breeder in cheshire and since then i have bred on and off
I got back into really breeding in 2015 when i made a contact with a lovely breeder in Brighton and got me back into it with foundation rats from her and her partner.This is where my marten and siamese originally came from and also my blue line.
The rats here are my family and are handled daily and i also get them used to be handled and fingers through bars to,As there going as pets to maybe families i always get them to be accepting with fingers.Each and every rat here are my world even when they go we always think of them,And when they pass it breaks our hearts to hear of there passing.